Co-Mold Mould Co., Ltd.

Mold Design + Mold Making + Molding = Co-Mold Mould Co., Ltd.

Co-Mold Mould Co., Ltd. is a leading plastic mold manufacturer specializing in producing various plastic precision molds and plastic products for 14 years, especially in Molds for Auto Parts, Molds for Wall Switch, and Plastic Household Products.
She is located in beautiful Qingxi Town, Dongguan, China with a group of energetic, enthusiastic and professional leaders and workers.
Our factory can provide the following services for you:
1. Plastic Mold Design
2. Plastic Mold Making
3. Injection Molding
4. Mold Flow Analysis
5. Part Design
6. Material Selection
7. Product Assembly
8. Secondary Operation

CO-MOLD has a wide range of resin and plastic materials. More importantly, our team is able to assist you to evaluate and select the right materials for your items. We clearly know that it is very difficult for you to balance strength, hardness, rigidity, flexural property, static dissipation and other requirements while meeting your cost targets, and we′ll help you in every step of the way.

Materials used for manufacturing plastic prototypes and finished goods in our factory include the following:
*Polystyrene - crystal and HIPS
*Polyethylene - [LDPE, HDPE. VLDPE, Linear Low]
*PVC - rigid and flexible
*Polypropylene - homopolymer, copolymer and filled
*Polyamide - [Nylon]
*Filled materials, static conductive materials, blended plastics

To optimize your products means combining molded, extruded or machined parts. Under the circumstance, you don′t need to compromise your design and work with many suppliers. Just call CO-MOLD. We′ll cooperate with the world-class engineers and lovely workers to offer you a single integrated solution.

The industries we are mainly serving include automotive industry, medical devices, household appliances, packaging & telecommunication. We have enjoyed win-win business relationships with many companies from North America, Europe, South America and some Asian countries, such as DELL, PHILIPS, SIENMENS, BMW, Audi, FERRARI, FIAT etc.

Our advantages:
1. Excellent Manufacturer: specilizing in producing various plastic precision molds and plastic products, especially in Auto Parts Molds, Wall Switch Molds, and Plastic Household Products
2. Professional and Cooperative Elite Team
3. Short Delivery Time

If you have any problem, please feel free to contact CO-MOLD!
CO-MOLD is waiting for you.
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